Question: Are they Earplugs... or Earphones?

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Answer: BOTH!
If you are looking for earphones that look like earplugs, your search is over!

With plugfones in place you'll be enjoying your favorite music unobtrusively while blocking out the noise around you.

Plugfones are perfect for places where there is a lot of noise or where earphones might be frowned on. Use where ever you want your earphones to look like earplugs.

They are great for mowing the lawn too!
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The Plugfones Story

Posted by plugfones On 12:30 AM

Plugfones were created by a factory worker named Shaun who couldn’t stand another minute of his monotonous work amid loud machinery. A music lover, he searched the internet for some earphones that look like earplugs. He wanted a product that would both protect his hearing and play great audio while not attracting attention.

When he couldn’t find anything, Shaun made his own. After trial and error, he created the perfect pair of earphones that looked exactly a pair of earplugs. And his life changed for the better! Now instead of dreading work he actually looked forward to enjoying his music while working.

One day a co-worker told Shaun he wished there was some way he could listen to his iPod at work.

Shaun responded,” Would you believe I am listening to music right now?”

“That’s impossible.” the co-worker said.

Shaun then showed him how his invention worked. The speakers were hidden inside the orange foam of the earplugs and a tiny hole in the end let the music out while the earplug itself blocked out the loud factory noise.

“I just tie the blue cable to my lanyard and run the cord down through the lanyard sleeve, and down under my shirt to my iPod”.

“Where can I get a pair?”

The first plugfones customer was born.